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We gladly assist and support you with planning and implementing reorganisation measures, developing new process architectures and, generally, with transformation projects of various sorts.

In our times of disruptive social and economic change, human beings within and outside their work contexts are confronted with issues touching upon personal values, their self-image and self-perception. The challenge here is to open up new spaces for self-reflection and dialogue for both leaders and employees in order to maintain and strengthen their adaptability to transformation processes. 

Our profound psychological expertise makes us your partner of choice in situations of change to support individuals, teams, or the entire organisation to reshape relationships, value their own resources, turn more attention to self-care and self-awareness, recognise their own limits and increase tolerance of ambiguity. 

Our systemic perspective is combined with the salutogenic approach outlined by Aaron Antonovsky to offer you special programmes dealing with “transformational leadership” and “healthy communication in situations of change”.


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