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Executive Business Coaching

In a multilevel process of shared reflection about perceptions and individual experiences in different situations, in-depth analysis of relevant environments and corporate culture, including your own feelings and emotional reactions, individually distinct patterns can be identified and made (partially) accessible. Ultimately, this will lead to a better understanding of your own resources and development potential.

Our focus is not only on you as our client, but also on the organisational context within which you work, the corporate culture, and the specific demands placed on you, which can only emerge as a result of analysing the overall context. 

Coaching is an individual intervention, but its impact  always extends to the company or organisation as a whole. Coaching is a temporary intervention. Its duration and frequency depend on the purpose and objectives identified by clarifying goals, as well as any specific individual arrangements. 

Life cycle-oriented consulting

For those at the start of their career and during the early years of professional (leadership) experience, the coaching process often focuses on career development and the difficulties of reconciling work and family life. 

At a later stage, usually between the ages of 48 and 60, personal and/or professional reorientation and changes become the key issues. These often emerge as a consequence of experiencing loss (physical impairments, care-dependent relatives, the death of close connections, perceived limits in career development, adult children leaving home, redundancy or part-time retirement). Companies and organisations may benefit widely from the wealth of knowledge and (life) experience of older members of staff. For employees aged 50 and over, it is particularly crucial to maintain the capacity to adapt to new forms of work and new organisational structures. 

In such situations, a coaching intervention may facilitate a reflection process to help in dealing with change and the departure from familiar and habitual practices. Even more important it can provide a space to develop fresh ideas and viable plans for a personal future that is rewarding and fulfilling. The coaching process can help you identify individual ideas, wishes and options  and put them into practice through a newfound freedom and mutual understanding. 

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