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Transfer-Consulting Portrait ©Miguletz.d
Celina Rodriguez Drescher
Doris Leoff
Doris Leoff
Dr. Celina Rodriguez Drescher

  Areas of expertise: Organisational counselling; health psychology; systemic behaviour-oriented coaching; transformation and change management; team development; crisis management

  Education and qualification: graduated from Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt/Main in psychology (diploma); specialist training in psychotherapy/behavioural therapy at the state-approved Society for Psychotherapeutic Education (GAP) in Frankfurt/Main; licence to practise as psychological psychotherapist obtained in 2004


  Advanced specialist training in systemic organisational counselling; large-group interventions; change management.

Certificate in "Clinical organisational counselling and corporate health management“; advanced specialist training in trauma psychology at ITB (EMDR-based); schema therapy based on Jeffrey Young and continuing schema-therapeutic supervision; advanced training in PEP® (based on Dr. M. Bohne)

  Initially sales management training/counselling in permanent position; founding member of the network Transfer Consulting est. 1997; now independent counsellor, coach, moderator, project manager

  Memberships: Association of Specialist Training and Supervision GWS e.V. (member of the executive board for many years); member of DPtV e.V.; associate member of the International Society for Schema Therapy; member of the Hessian Chamber of Psychotherapists (LPPKJP), co-founder of -network for clinical organizational counselling

  Married, family person; hobbies are sailing and Nordic walking​


  Areas of expertise: International organisational counselling; psycho-dynamic and systemic coaching; team development; change management; crisis management 

  Education and qualification: Tavistock and Portman in London (Master in „Leadership and Consultancy. Psychodynamic and Systemic Approaches“); PhD in pedagogical psychoanalysis obtained from Kassel university; double degree in psychology (diploma) and romance studies (Master) at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt/Main; postgraduate course in journalism at Gutenberg University Mainz

  Advanced specialist training in systemic organisational consulting and systemic supervision; hypno-therapeutic interventions; trauma therapy (EMDR-based); psychoanalytic coaching and systemic supervision training; Tavistock "Qualification in consultation“, Advanced Coaching Qualification (Analytic Coaching Network), REBT (Rational Emotive Therapy), Albert Ellis Institute, N.Y.

News: Trauma, Journal für Psychotraumatology and it applications: Asanger Verlag, Jg. 19-2021- Heft 4 "Traumaarbeit weltweit", edited by  Celina Rodriguez Drescher

  Founding member of the network Transfer Consulting est. 1997;

independent counsellor, coach, moderator, project manager 

  Memberships: Psychological Association for Advanced Training and Supervision GWS e.V.; ISPSO (International Society for the Study of Organizations); EMCC Deutschland e.V.; OPUS (An Organisation for Promoting Understanding of Society); advisory board of the German specialist publisher “edigo Verlag“


  Business languages: German, English, Spanish and (as co-moderator) French 

  Married, two daughters

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