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Developing a sensitivity for different cultures is becoming increasingly important for organisations. Understanding others’ – sometimes unfamiliar – point of view is the key to successful partnership and cooperation. 

We offer professional support to help you develop trusting and solution-oriented co-operative relationships across cultures. Our clients include many German enterprises working (or planning to work) with international partners, or German headquarter units wishing to co-operate with their foreign subsidiaries in short-term projects or long-term collaborations. 


Lasting improvements in co-operation can be achieved by a deeper understanding of organisational and cultural differences and characteristics. We have many years of wide-ranging experience of various cultural constellations and countries, among them: Argentina, China, France, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, United States, and others. 

We also specialise in organisational-psychological aspects of international assignments and postings abroad: What should you pay attention to when dealing with the foreign culture? How can your family be integrated? Related to this is the issue of parting from a temporary working environment after the assignment has ended: job insecurity after returning and other challenges such as having to make compromises in your career development or develop fresh perspectives are major themes here. Follow-up coaching and counselling that provides professional space to evaluate the foreign experience can also help to optimise future postings​.

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