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consultancy approach



Our consulting approach combines different models or perspectives:

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Our understanding of consultancy:

  To accompany individuals and organisations in different stages of their development. Our understanding of consultancy is rooted in a respect for differences, the principle of self-monitoring and taking up responsibility.

  We cultivate a professional network within which we work according to the demands that arise and engage in continuous qualitative exchange.

  We have well-founded experience in leading and cooperating in complex change projects in organisations. The feedback we have received to date is that we are able to quickly develop a thorough, nuanced understanding of contexts and settings in different work environments and encourage individuals with a mixture of empathy and appreciative confrontation to look, when appropriate, for new paths.

  In order to amplify our perspectives, reflect on our own work and guarantee the highest standard of quality for our customers, we engage in a constant qualification process across different fields. Peer intervision, supervision and mutual hospitation are integral components of our work.

Resource orientation:

We focus our attention on the resources of people.

  Working from this perspective, we support organisations and individuals to develop more flexibility, creativity, vitality and innovational force. The capacity to adapt to changing environments is a central factor for success in organisational development. The versatility of resource-oriented strategies enables us to address and handle conflicts and tensions with greater ease, thereby facilitating the regaining of a solution-oriented attitude.

Central questions are:​

  Which factors or conditions foster individuals’ enjoyment of their work and excellence within organisations? 
  As “social architects,” how can leaders contribute to creating a positive force in human interactions, which can be maintained in difficult situations? 
  How can leaders create a vitalising working atmosphere within an organisation?

methods & instruments


Appreciative Inquiry


Design Thinking


Experience-oriented methods


Film as a reflective medium


Future workshops


Group Relations Conference (GRC)


Open Space


Seminar- and Change-theater

Social Dreaming




World Café


Zuercher Resources Model

We are certified in the following instruments:


Bochumer Personality Inventory

PEP® (Dr. M. Bohne)






MBTI, part 1 and 2


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