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Team development aims to calibrate and harmonise the interpersonal and task-related levels in working environments. This helps to create an atmosphere of ease and excellence where individuals develop creativity and enjoy their work, thus ensuring a productive work climate where all members of the team can (and will) bring in their specific strengths and align with the team as a whole. 


Occasions for team development are diverse, for example:

  Leadership change

  Recombining teams due to structural changes or changed tasks 

  Cooperation in agile structures

  Perceived instability of teams over a longer period of time

  Pressure on and tensions in teams that are experienced as severely stressing and possibly harmful to team members’ mental and physical health. 

Team development provides a respectful, sensitive, clearly structured and de-dramatising approach that can explore the deeper functions of tensions in a team without blame. The aim is to revitalise the enjoyment of work in a team and build-up healthy team structures that can meet the demanding requirements of highly complex working contexts. 

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