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We have many years of field experience in crisis and trauma intervention in the following areas: air accidents, flight and displacement, natural disasters, taking hostage of staff, suicide or sudden natural death of a member of staff, political unrest affecting the organisation or company. 

Crises can originate from within the organisation or from the external environment. We offer professional assistance in crisis management and tailor a set of measures to address the crisis. 

We have specialist, in-depth training in psychotherapy, and a vast experience in the field of crisis intervention; we are also updating our expertise in specialist training programmes on a regular basis.

Our counselling services include:

  Preparing volunteer helpers, leaders, HR managers to cope with challenging situations which entail an increased risk of traumatisation or high-level stress for employees/colleagues.

We develop and carry out training programmes for staff /crisis managers responsible in the event of crisis. Depending on the number of participants, we will also involve experienced experts from our professional network to assist us in these programmes. 

Our programmes are based on current scientific findings in trauma and crisis research, and we work with real-world situations and examples, when appropriate. Working with professional actors has produced excellent results in these contexts.

  Support in situations of acute crisis. This includes briefing and debriefing the emergency personnel, officers-in-charge and crisis teams in the organisation and on the ground. 

  Finding qualified therapists worldwide through our global network of specialists. 

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