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Leadership programmes

The focus here is on the role of executives in your organisation. The objective is to facilitate and strengthen positive interactions between management and organisation. How can commitment and a sense of meaningfulness be achieved – for the organisation as well as for individual members of staff? 

We cooperate closely with you to develop a forward-looking leadership programme that goes well beyond training and acquiring skills. Deep reflection on values and understanding their role within the organisation is necessary for leaders to operate in a complex interplay of diverging interests, power constellations and rapidly changing operating environments. 

Facilitating systemic and transformative competencies, our development programmes always encourage participants to reflect on deeper values and motives, hone individual strengths and foster personal talents. Raising the critical self-awareness of leading personnel in this way can also allow individuals to develop a feeling of being more consistent and in harmony with themselves. This sense of coherence and congruence is essential for successful and responsible leadership.

Team coaching for executives

Challenging leadership situations are reviewed and discussed within a small group using the “Balint method” and the concept of peer consulting. The participants’ feedback including associations and spontaneous ideas allow the case presenter to develop a fresh perspective on the issue and on him- or herself in the leadership role. 

Lateral leadership – Introducing agile structures

Although it is vital to offer intensive support to prepare staff and leaders for the complex process of working in and coping with agile structures, we regularly find that such preparation is inadequate or completely lacking. Working together with you we develop integrated solutions to the following questions: 

►  How can we reduce complexity in the personal experience of employees in order to create a working atmosphere where individuals can fully develop their talents and skills? 

►  What strategies are required  to foster a sense of personal responsibility in everyone in the team? 

►  What rules within working groups are most likely to achieve the desired results? 

►  How can we better appreciate and value differences and diversity? 

►  How can both power structures and reporting lines be recognised without risking the development of dysfunctional strategies?

Our repertoire includes workshops, mentoring programmes and team coaching (either on-site or virtual).

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