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What factors and operational conditions help promote individuals’ mental health in the workplace? In times of rapid technological transformations, supporting the mental stability of employees is of particular importance. It is the company’s or organisation’s responsibility to create a working environment that helps employees to maintain their health and performance throughout. Our professional analyses will factor in behavioural as well as situational prevention measures in the work environment. 

Our expertise lies in working with you to develop and implement systemic processes for preventing and reducing excessive stress or mental health difficulties in the work place. 

This includes the following services:

 Carrying out a mental health risk analysis

 Organisational consulting

 Solution-oriented short-term interventions for employees in acute stress situations 

 Programmes on “Healthy Leadership“

 Certified stress management training

 Resilience training

 Team and individual coaching sessions 

 Professional support of (agile) project teams

We always proceed on the assumption that a potential solution is already (unconsciously) available in the organisation, group or individual, but they do not have sufficient access to it as yet. We will work out a tailored concept for you taking into account the organisational as well as the individual perspective. 

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