Think Space

Looking at the whole thing from different angles, changing perspectives, always having the “What else could be possible? How could things be different?” in mind, discovering new spaces of reality and new opportunities. Think, pause and consider, and then go further.


Turbulent times need spaces for thinking:

  • Changes in perspective
  • Discovery of opportunities
  • Extension and addition of new solution areas
  • Experiencing new things


What exhausts us is the disuse of our organs and our senses. What motivates us is development. Development that takes place because we are challenged by the outer world. Hugo Kükelhaus (1900 – 1984)

Field of experience:


To pass freely through open doors, it is necessary to respect the fact that they have solid frames. This principle is simply a requisite of the sense of reality. But if there is a sense of reality, and no one will doubt that it has its justifications for existing, then there must also be something we can call a sense of possibility. Whoever has it does not say, for instance: Here this or that has happened, will happen, must happen; instead he imagines: Here this or that might, could, or ought to happen. If he or she is told that something is the way it is, he or she will think: Well, it could probably just as well be otherwise. So the sense of possibility could be defined outright as the ability to conceive of everything that might just as well be, and to attach no more importance to what is than to what is not.

From Robert Musil, the man without qualities